"Increasing the popularity of your school meals service means improving all aspects of your offering - the quality of the food, the meal price, the customer service, and convenience for parents. Live Kitchen can help you improve in all of these areas."
Simply Cost Effective

Live Kitchen is all about increasing your uptake. We are a very cost effective way to modernise the catering service in all sizes of primary, infant, junior and middle schools. As well as cashless payment options, we provide a range of features designed to increase your uptake.

Live Kitchen is cost effective in that increases in uptake and efficiency savings not only pay for the system, but increase profitability.

Our system is only for infant, junior, primary and middle schools. Our entire focus is on the unique challenges of the primary segment. It has also meant that affordability is a key priority. We provide two very reasonable tariffs - one for small schools and one for larger schools.

To find out more, please click one of the links below. You may also wish to view our short video which includes interviews with head teachers, parents and catering staff.